There are very few teams that win a championship without a coach. We've found that owners and leaders are often caught up in the day-to-day pressure of the game. Our training and coaching programs are available for ownership, management, leadership, sales departments and front line team members.

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It can be tough to provide training in a consistent way to ensure your team gets what they need on a regular basis. TrainerTainment's training programs can help you streamline that process. With a Growing People first mentality, you will see your business grow year over year.


Are you struggling with the fast changing world of social media marketing? We can help you fill in the gaps. Our Social Media Coaching programs give you the confidence to grow your brand through better social media visibility with your current and potential customers.

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About TrainerTainment 

We would all like to grow our group sales and see them become 20% of our center sales. Sometimes, we don’t even know where to start. Sales can feel very overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. This week our team put together our top tips for growing group sales.

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Have you ever tried to force yourself to do something you know you need to do? I hear people talk about having the willpower and the discipline to make one more sales call, lose weight, start a new job, write a book, take a walk, talk to a .....

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When you or your sales people are making outbound calls or going to sell outside of the center, how many different types groups are you contacting? Are you putting all your eggs in one basket and just focusing on one group of schools, daycares or large businesses? Continue Reading

TrainerTainment brings you training and solutions to the family entertainment center, movie theater, and hospitality industries. We will coach your team to enhance business practices, customer service, social media & marketing presence promotions, events, birthday party programs, team building, and all other company and group outings.


Our philosophy is simple: deliver fun training that yields serious results for our clients. Our proven systems have consistently helped our clients improve their bottom line. Contact us today to find out what TrainerTainment can do for you.