There are very few teams that win championships without a coach. We've found that owners and leaders are often caught up in the day-to-day pressure of the game. Wouldn't it be nice to have a coach who could help you develop the team? Our coaching programs are available for ownership, management, leadership and sales teams. Click on an icon below to learn more about each program.

The Business Coaching Program is about getting leadership on the same page, discerning your vision, getting traction, and having a healthier business and being a healthier you.    The best way to increase sales is to build new business. Our coaching program teaches your sales team how to make the most out of parties and group events at your hospitality-based location.
Invest in the TrainerTainment project management process to ensure the success of your new center opening. From start to finish, we help hire, train, develop products, budget labor and more.   We believe real life training and feedback is the best way to learn a new skill. The Mystery Shopper program is a tool that helps improve your team's sales process so that bookings will soar.