Mandy Haws, Sooner Bowling Center

"I love the new online training. We just keep adding and adding because we want our staff to be on the same page whether it is customer service, birthday parties, group events or even how to handle a phone call at the front desk. It is so easy, you just send an email to your staff and they take the training."

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Interactive Online Learning

Interactive Online Learning 

​Your source for fun ONLINE training with serious results.

​TrainerTainment's Interactive Online Learning classroom brings you the sales and service training that you have come to know and love us for, but delivered using the magic of the internet, at your convenience!

Our philosophy is simple: deliver fun training that yields serious results for our clients. Our proven systems have consistently helped our clients improve their bottom line.

This highly interactive course trains learners how to develop and maintain a customer-focused attitude that will turn your guests into raving fans and loyal customers.

Prices vary per course. See each course below for details.


All-Access Seat 
Best Value! This incredible bundle contains all our courses and course materials for one low price! Purchase now.


Course Bundle: Guest Service 
Three weeks of recorded webinars,
elearning courses, and homework that will have your guests raving about your service! Purchase Now.


Dealing With a Difficult Guest 
It’s difficult to teach a team member how to handle a difficult guest. It can be terrifying for a
first time employee to face a mad mom. In this course the learner literally interacts with an angry guest. They will learn how to change that guest from a raving mad customer into a raving fan using the techniques that are taught in this entertaining course. Click the “view details” button now. Purchase now.


Delivering VIP Level Guest Service 
Turn your guests into loyal fans by making them feel like VIPs. Guest Service is a vague concept. Common sense is not so common. If you have been looking for a way to deliver service at a high level then you are going to love this course. You’ll walk through 15 service scenarios, having to choose the VIP solution for serving the guest. There are games to test what you’ve learned and every scene requires that you stay on your toes! If you are ready to deliver VIP service then click the “view details” button NOW! Purchase Now.


Everything Birthdays - Boot Camp 
Have you been looking for a way to spice up your Birthday program? Are you unsure about your profitability? Want to better understand some “best practices”? Need a way to jumpstart your training with your team? Wish you had a better system to hire great party Superstars? If you answered yes to any one of these questions then this Birthday Boot Camp is the solution. You receive 4 weeks of recorded webinars, 2 IOL courses, and homework. 
Includes courses: 
1) Party Host Training 
2) Phone Etiquette

Purchase Now.


Great Guest Service - Boot Camp 
If you are serious about changing your service model and are ready to really deliver VIP service then get ready to get in shape with this Great Guest Service Boot Camp. You have the opportunity to experience three weeks of recorded webinars, 3 IOL courses, and homework that will have your guests raving about your service!
Includes courses: 
1) Delivering VIP Level Guest Service
2) Dealing With a Difficult Guest
3) Phone Etiquette.

Purchase Now.


Great Leaders Inspire Great Followers - Boot Camp 
Brian Tracy says, "Leadership is the ability to elicit extraordinary performance from ordinary people" 

When is the last time you have asked yourself, "am I inspiring extraordinary performances from my team members?" If your answer is I don't know, then this
bootcamp is sure to inspire and educate you. 

You'll receive 4 classes. These are live interactive pre-recorded webinars. 
Week 1: How to build a strong culture based on your vision, mission, and plan
Week 2: Every problem is a result of some type of miscommunication. This week's lesson will help you strengthen your ability to communicate. 
Week 3: Every leader experiences stress. Using stress for what's best is a great way to manage your own life. 
Week 4: Time Management Bonus

Purchase now.


Group Sales 
Wish you had a better way to hire, train, and hold your sales team accountable? This course is sure to give you a great foundation for building awesome group products and establishing a group sales program that will take your location to the next level. If you want to drastically increase your sales with group events then dive into this course right away. Purchase Now.


Party Host Training 
Looking for a way to create consistency with your Party Host Training? Wish your hosts would interact and create those memorable birthday moments? This course is sure to turn your birthday party hosts into birthday party superstars. With this 2
lesson interactive learning package your party hosts are able to hold a “virtual party” before they ever get in front of a mom or a birthday honoree. She or he can make mistakes that won’t hurt your business. This course is a “must have” if you want to have an amazing Birthday Party Program. Don’t wait… click the “view details” button NOW! Purchase now.


Personality Types 
Ever wonder why you really enjoy working with one person and not another. Leadership is about understanding what it takes to motivate each individual in order to have a successful team and learning that everyone needs something different! Purchase now.


Phone Etiquette 
Do you know what happens when people call your center? Have you had the time to teach and train phone etiquette? Have you left it up to the individual to decide how they are going to handle a guest over the phone? Many times the first time a potential guest interacts with your center is over the phone. Make sure your team understands the art of connecting over the phone! Purchase now.

Play Therapy - Build Company Parties - Boot Camp 
Play Therapy is TrainerTainment's version of Team Building. If you want to build a product that appeals to companies large and small this boot camp is sure to get you up and selling in no time. Purchase Now.


Sales Course Bundle 
This course bundle is
a NO – BRAINER. EVERY sales team in a Family Entertainment Center, Theme Park, Water Park, Movie Theater, Restaurant, should take this course. You’ll learn the basics of group sales. You’ll experience live role play situations to get past the gate keeper. You’ll hear the live interaction of other learners and uncover selling solutions that will insure your sales will go higher and higher. This great bundle includes four great courses: 1.) Great Guest Service 2.) VIP Guest Service 3.) Dealing with a Difficult Guest and 4.) Phone Etiquette. Don’t wait, click the “Purchase Now” button NOW! (save $50) Purchase Now.


Sales Training FEC Style - Boot Camp 

If you are looking for a step by step method to train your sales people then you’ll want to be sure an sign up for this 4 week Sales Training Boot Camp. You benefit from listening to the recorded webinars and doing the homework that will improve your sales right away! This course is a tremendous sales foundation course for any organization. Click the “view details” today and you’ll make your way to greater sales and profits. Purchase now.