Is your birthday party program all that it can be? If not, our Mystery Shopper Program™ is for you! The Mystery Shopper Program™ is guaranteed to improve your sales process, spice up your party program, and train your staff to succeed with your birthday party program like never before!

Our video may play a little to the extremes for a bad call, but you’d be surprised at what we’ve heard when our mystery shopper calls. With the right training, preparation and a little practice, we guarantee your birthday party sales process will improve with this program.

We believe real life training is the best way to learn and excel in new skills. Our highly-trained Mystery Shopper team will call your store once a week, record their call, and email reports to you. Then, as a team, we’ll suggest ways your employees can improve to provide the best customer service and bring in the most profit for you. To make sure you are getting the best results and make a permanent positive change to your birthday sales process, our Mystery Shopper Program does require a 1-year commitment.


What does the Mystery Shopper Program include?



Baseline Shop - We will shop your store once for FREE and let you know how your sales team measures up to the TrainerTainment sales standards A new or revised party program that takes into account evaluation of competitors which we'll use to make recommendations for improvements
Customized Birthday Sales Script and access to additional forms Live interactive online sales training for your staff and the recording to train future staff
Weekly Mystery Shopper Calls with emailed reports and call recordings to listen and use as a training tool Building Birthday Business manual and Building Great Teams manual
Access to Xpress Training - Our online library - including archived webinars, training manuals, DVDs, and customizable forms for all your sales needs