Parker Coddington, Shenaniganz

We know social media can be a very powerful tool, but like so many other operators, we don't have the time, never mind the expertise or know how, to fully leverage what it can do for us. TrainerTainment has taken that burden off our shoulders, and in a very short time we've already seen some great results.

Sarah Nichols, Gatti's Pizza Lubbock

As a manager at Gatti's Pizza Lubbock, I knew that we needed to increase our social media presence. However, I did not know exactly what to do with it, when to do it, or why to do it. Luckily, we found Trainertainment to help! Since Trainertainment has started handling the social media for Gatti's Pizza Lubbock, we have had a significant increase in the number of fans and followers on our pages. The interactions with our pages have also increased and this has made an impact on our in-store business. While Trainertainment primarily manages these social media accounts, I always feel included in the process. Our weekly meetings keep everyone in the loop and they are always ready to explain to me why they are using certain social media tips and tricks of the trade so that I can understand the process. They are open to any and all suggestions for our page and we work together on our goals for the store. I am so glad that Trainertainment has been able to assist us with our social media and would recommend them to any business looking to grow their social media presence!

Social Media Solutions

Learn to reach and stay connected to hundreds, even thousands, of existing or new customers with modern-day marketing. Not sure how to start? Utilize our free blog, our free social media webinars, or one of our three SMM packages to help you get educated, get started and get SOCIAL!

TrainerTainment offers something for everyone when it comes to social media marketing.

Our Social Media Marketing programs offer one or more of the following depending on your level of commitment:

  • Social media strategy and tactical execution
  • Content marketing
  • Promotional strategy and execution
  • Community management
  • Reputation measurement and monitoring
  • Custom reports on demographics, click rates, views & impressions
  • Educational seminars and workshops

If you need something more encompassing, we offer three different paid packages depending on your social media knowledge and needs. Essentially the level you choose depends on the level of service your looking for.

On-Site Training

We offer one, two, and three-day on-site training for the social media team leader in which we offer a comprehensive look on how to implement successful social media campaigns, including "Building Your Campaign," "Building Your Community," and "Promotions that Work." Each course is designed gives a full-scale look at what it takes to build a successful social media campaign. Through strategy sessions and brainstorming, we work to help provide your social media team leader with the tools necessary to understand the science behind social media.

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Social Media Coaching

Social Media Coaching includes a bi-weekly coaching session with a TrainerTainment Certified Social Media Coach. You'll receive metrics, guidance, review, and support to manage your social media marketing at a top level. Social media coaching is perfect for the business that operates with a limited marketing budget and has someone in their facility who can post Facebook, Twitter, or Linked-In updates on a daily basis.

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Third-Party Management

Consider the easy button "pushed!" For the company that doesn't have the time or resources to manage their own social media campaigns, we offer the complete "shebang."

We do everything from setting up your social media sites to strategizing and implementing the campaigns, promotions, public relations, and more. Of course, we work closely with the client to develop the correct "voice," as well as provide weekly reporting on the success of the campaign.

Our pilot programs have offered us a detailed look into FEC statistics and strategies, allowing us to see what does, and doesn't, work for entertainment-based businesses. We invite to you take a load off, never worry about what's being said or written and reap the benefits of a well-planned social media campaign!